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Our Yarn

All our yarn is 100% Icelandic wool The color of the sheep are natural and neither dyed nor blended in any way. There can therefore be a slight difference between different lot-numbers in the same color, since each sheep that gives the wool for the project is different from the next one and it can even give different wool between years.

We use mild nature friendly soap when washing and treat every fleece with care and respect. We process it carefully but instantly remove what we don’t find good enough for our yarn.

The wool we work with comes mainly from our own sheep, which we breed looking for the best quality wool to spin from and all the colors that can be found in the Icelandic herd. It can be said that the production of yarn starts when deciding which ewe to lead to which ram to breed on the quality in our flock.

Our goal is to fully process every fleece and use what is unfit for yarn into other usable things or to spread in the nature for compost or fertilizing. After all, one of our top policies is to work in collaboration with nature.

We only use high quality wool for our yarn and it can come from either lambs or adult sheep. It is not necessarily the age of the sheep that decides the quality of wool. There can be other aspects, like weather, feed and the genetic role of the animal that matters the most. But how we treat it and work with it is also very important. Since we only use mild soap for washing, there is still a lot of the lanolin in the garment when finished knitting. It washes out a bit but not so much that the natural ability of the wool; to keep you warm and dry, gets lost.
To get other colors than are found in the herd of sheep, we dye the yarn either with plants or a small amount of dyeing powder. In this way we minimize or disclude
all chemicals in our production as we possibly can.