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100% Icelandic wool

The Icelandic Wool

We only have one breed of sheep in Iceland, The Icelandic sheep. It belongs to the North Atlantic Native Short Tail Breed. So as the

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Goat farmers.

We are goat farmers When we started thinking about putting up a mini mill in Iceland, back in 2016, we were contacted by goat farmers

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Bara svona að athuga með ykkur. Eru ekki allir sprækir? Just checking up on you all. Is everyone doing okay? Katla Fotografie vielen Dank.

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Stay safe

I send everyone my best and if I could I would want to send extra strength to our people working in the health care. Every

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The woollen circle

United women are always the strongest. We are now starting a new partnership in The rather interesting route can be taken when traveling around South

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