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Klukkutrefill - a scarf kit (tweed)

Yarn and a pattern for a tweed looking brioche knitted scarf. Fits both men and women.

In this kit you get yarn and a pattern for a super warm and cosy scarf to wear at different occasions.
It is knitted in brioche style and the pattern is simple and easy to follow. If you have never knitted brioche before; this is a good pattern to start with.
The yarn for this package is Hulduband and you knit the scarf with two threads of the yarn. You get 150 gram of yarn in two colours (300 gram in total) and can make a scarf that is close to 2 meter long from that amount of yarn. – It is easy to quit earlier and make it shorter.

The pattern is both in Icelandic and English, so you don’t have to worry about which language to ask for. You will get both, and can therefore practice your Icelandic. 🙂

You can choose between the colours of Hairy Black/Grey tweed,  Black/Grey tweed and Brown/Grey tweed.

(Another kit is available with Dvergaband knitted with a single colour)


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One size

Color combination

Svart/Grátt – Black/Grey, Mórautt/Grátt – Brown/Grey, Hærusvart/Grátt – Hairy Black/Grey


Icelandic & English