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Lava Dwarf Socks

We have more than one active volcano in Iceland. Many of them, we can see just outside the window of Uppspuni’s shop. We respect the force of nature very much as well as admire it’s beauty and elegance. Looking at the lava flow through untouched nature can be mesmerising and it’s colour gave us inspiration to the Lava Dwarf  Socks. We have them in two different possibilities. Two balls of yarn in the red-orange-flame splendour or one ball in greyish black resembling the lava that has already cooled down and one ball with the flaming hot lava flowing effect. If you live in Iceland, you can take a hike to the volcano and admire mother nature at it’s most powerful state. It’s important to prepare well for a hike in an Icelandic nature, consider weather and time of year as well as think about to wear good shoes and socks to keep your feet warm. The yarn in the Lava Dwarf Socks is perfect for socks – strong, warm and durable. Even if you can’t get to the eruption site they will remind you of the unbelievable force of nature and the beautiful colours we are able to find in it.


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Mixed lava colours, Black and mixed lava colour