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I want to introduce you to Þjóðhildur

The name is pronounced Thjoudhildur. She is born 2015 and her mother was named Drottning (Queen) That year Drottning had triplets, but one got another mom and she had two daughters going with her. Unfortunately Drottning was found dead when Þjóðhildur and her sister Ráðhildur were one and a half month old. So they were on their own for the rest of the summer. Staying close together in good pastures for few months they looked so good in October that we decided to breed them on.

Þjóðhildur is what is called badgerfaced in color. That means she is black on the underbody and in the face and yellowish on the back and belly.

She has had lambs every year since she was one year old and her lambs have been healthy and equal in size. The year 2021 she had triplets and I decided she would have them all for the summer. They are all equal in size which tells me that Þjóðhildur is milking enough for all of them.

She is not fond of patting or being messed with by humans, but she is calm and wants to have grain from the palm if offered. She is a very quick learner. The summer of 2021 we have been grazing them differently than accustomed here in Iceland, where we move them once or twice a day between pastures. It is with pleasaure that I have noticed how Þjóðhildur has helped us making these movements much easier. She is ALWAYS the first one to go through the gates. When she sees me coming she starts walking calmly behind me to see what I have to offer; Is it grain, Is it new pasture, Is it just a visit.

When moving between pastures, she waits beside me while I open and then she walks through with her triplets and the flock follows her instantly. Once I opened the gate differently than I usually do and she got between me and the opening. She stopped, looked at me and then calmly walked behind me and through the gate. The flock had not gone through even though they were looking at the open gate, they waited for Þjóðhildur to go through and then immediately followed.

Technically is Þjóðhildur not a leader sheep. But her nature is obviously to be a pioneer and lead the others, being this wise and sensible.

It is a privilage to have and work with sheep like Þjóðhildur.

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