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Anniversary’s discount
March is our anniversary’s month. We opened our mill formally on the 18th of March 2018. So it’s been FOUR years!!!
Now, feeling like we have a birthday coming up, we want to give a little present; so we offer one of our products at a discount only in March.
The winter in Iceland has been harsh. We have had many storms, most of them followed with snow and frost, and actually had several weather warnings only in February. From yellow, to orange and even red warnings, telling us to stay inside, not to travel and fasten everything down that might blow away.
In a weather like that it has been very good to have the nice warm wool to embrace us. I have wrapped my favourite scarf around my neck every morning and it has just been wonderful. The storms can just blow,- in my wool, I have NOT been cold.
But we want to let others enjoy it with us. So we decided to make the pattern for the scarf and have a kit available for those who want to knit it for themselves and also feel the warmth it provides.
Why not have that on a discount in March? Our newest product!
So we did.
When you go to the shop and choose “klukkutrefill” you get it on the price with the discount. It will be that way in March. You don’t have to put in a coupon or anything, the price is with 10% off in March, and then in April the 10% will be added to the price again.
I really hope you enjoy this offer and the scarf when it is done.
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