Astonishing craftwork

I want to show you two astonishing craftwork that I now have.

First a long shawl woven with my single yarn for dís, spun a bit high in one way for the warp and the other way for the weafth. Guðrún Kolbeins Jónsdóttir, a textile teacher and an expert weaver made this gorgeous soft and delightful garment.

And second is a blue HARUNI shawl knitted by Jórunn Eggertsdóttir, my mother-in-law, who is an artist in anything that concerns fine knitting crochetting, sewing etc etc. The yarn she used is dís, specially dyed for the project.

To me, both of these are unique and therefore priceless and above everything else a nourishment for the eye and soal.

Long live art, wool and those who practice it. ????

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